3. Following are the advantages of this teaching strategy. Learning by doing maxim of teaching is followed to involve learners in the learning process. Use of Diverse Instruction Types Grouping students together for PBL allows them to tackle tangible problems and enjoy team-based learning. Advantages and Disadvantages of Outcomes Based Education 8 February 2016 Outcomes based education "…starts with a clear specification of what students are to know, what they are to be able to do, and what attitudes or values they should be able to demonstrate at … Content-Based Instruction is a significant approach in language education (Brinton, Snow, & Wesche, 1989). Content Based Instruction Content based instruction (CBI) is a teaching approach that focuses on learning language through learning about something.Although CBI is not new, there has been an increased interest in it because it has proven very effective in ESL and EFL programs around the world. CBI is designed to provide second-language learners instruction in content and language. Continuous Engagement It’s not hard to see the potential for engagement, as students collaborate to solve real-world This lesson defines content-based instruction, discusses how key content areas are organized around a content-based instruction theme, and reviews a content-based instruction lesson example. There is not fixed time interval for learning. Concept-based and competency-based education are more similar than different. The main emphasis is on individual differences and students’ involvement. Top Answer. Wiki User ... One of the advantages of free education … 3. However, the problem with theoretical learning strategies is they don’t always stand the test of real-world application. Content based instruction 1. The common idea between them is moving away from a content laden curriculum to one that focuses on deep understanding of essential content and the ability to apply knowledge contextually. CBI is an effective method of combininglanguage and content learning. Advantages of Programmed Instruction. Content-based Syllabus by Vanessa Vivas N 1. Characteristics 1.1. 0 1 2. Biggs and Tang (as cited in Goff, L., n.d., slide 9) in their Outcomes Based Education (OBE) Version 3 Teaching and Learning, outlined three main features of OBE: state outcomes of teaching; teach to increase the likelihood of most students achieving the outcomes; assess how well outcomes have been achieved using authentic assessment. What are the Disadvantages of Content-based education? The Disadvantages of Inquiry-Based Learning In theory, inquiry-based learning is a perfect system that maximizes engagement and gives students a chance to extract meaning and purpose from their education. Characteristics Advantages Disadvantages Example References Definition. Historically, the word content has changed its meaning in language teaching. Theme based CBIworks well in EFL contexts 2. -It helps students to learn the language through the study of a series of relevant topics. Asked by Wiki User. Advantages 2. Answer. Students may learn at their own pace. You can also provide content such as videos, news articles and more. Content-based instruction (CBI) is teaching organized around the content or information that students will acquire, and not around the linguistic or other type of syllabus.